My name is Dale Robinson. I am a psychologist and I love my work. I have had the pleasure of working with adults within both academic and non-academic settings; counselling them, training them in the art of psychotherapy and supervising them.

I have long had an interest in psychology and, specifically, why people do what they do. To this day, I am still excited by my work and the opportunities inherent in each new encounter and set of challenges presented with each new client.

As a psychologist, I consider it is an honour to be granted such an intimate glimpse into peoples’ lives and to, consequently, accompany them on the challenging journeys into themselves.  Psychotherapy can be extremely challenging and I have the utmost respect for the people who undertake this work. The rewards, however, can be nothing short of amazing. With the deconstruction of their difficulties, of themselves and way of seeing the world, people can ultimately transform themselves, finding a surer footing as their modified selves and  living, hopefully, more congruently aligned with their values, goals, dreams and desires.

I would love an opportunity to discuss with you how we might work together to achieve the goals you deem most important.


Dale S. Robinson, M.Ed., Psychologist (O.P.Q.) # 11093-08

Education, clinical training and experience:

B.A. Psychology, McGill, 1992 (Distinction)
M.Ed, Counseling Psychology, McGill, 1994

Concordia University, Counselling &Psychological Services (1997-2017) 

Emotion Focused Therapy, EFT Level 1, and 2
York, University (Leslie Greenberg) 2015, 2016

Diversity, Multicultural training
Emily Kerner, Ph.D 2015, 2016

Addictions Training, MUHC, Griffiths Edwards House,  2010

Transgender Psychotherapy May 2017
Francoise Susset, Ph.D.

SAM; Suicide intervention training (21 hours)
March, 2017

Clinical Supervision
» ConradLecomte, Ph.D, OPQ  2014