Counselling & Psychotherapy

Most people come into psychotherapy because they are in pain of some kind.  Usually they have tried to help themselves and may have achieved some level of success but, quite often, when they are not able to relieve their pain, they may seek out a psychologist.

Within my private practice, I work collaboratively with adults in a wide age range who present with a variety of issues which include:

Anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, sexual orientation, gender issues and transitioning.

My goal, in working with you, is to create a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental and accepting environment within which you can feel comfortable opening up to work through the challenges you are facing. I am committed to working in a way which recognizes and draws upon your strengths and respects your unique perspective and vision.

Working collaboratively with you is essential to me. I bring twenty-three years of clinical experience and knowledge about psychology; about what motivates people and how to bring about change. You bring your expertise; which is about you, your life, your background. Collectively these elements compose the vital ingredients for the work we will do.

Using your personal data and history and my knowledge and skill we will work to bring about the changes you want to see in your life.

My agenda is your agenda. My only goal is to support you in the changes you want to see.